We have a solution for protecting any terminal at your checkout!

Our solutions are proven to reduce POS costs by reducing failures due to damage caused to terminals by continuous usage and accidents. Our unique design and use of proprietary nylon and glass material is more resistant than ABS and is totally compliant with contactless acceptance of payments.
StealthTech Systems has developed professional solutions to help protect employees and customers alike from COVID-19 in these unprecedented times. Our new 16″ Social Distancing Wand and Keypad Protector are just the beginning. These products are easy to clean / sanitize. Our specialty items are now available for any terminal, please inquire about specific brands and models.

Lets discuss your needs

StealthTech Systems offers a wide variety of products and solutions. We want to make sure you understand what will work best for your unique situation. We invite you to contact us directly to discuss your needs.

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